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Organize resources in one place

The process of writing starts with researching online and collecting resources.
Doing research on a specific topic or about a public figure?
For each story you write, Collater helps you organize resources by categories. These can be links to news articles, academic papers, government reports, tweets, pictures, videos, etc.

Stitch your chains of thoughts into a story

A story emerges as resources pile up.
Have sparks about a particular quote or an article? Write it down. Collater makes it easy to take notes with your uploads and links for later reference. Ideas for stories will emerge as your thoughts are chained together.

Build up the storyline

It's time to organize resources into a structured story.
With Collater, you can create your own storyline, add sections to it and fill them up with notes and resources you collected earlier. Collater makes writing much easier and more organized. It keeps track of sources used in the story and make you a better writer.

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